Transcription service for handwritten texts

Service for transcription of old German handwritings and old handwritten texts

Reliable and high quality transcription service

Do you have documents written in old manuscripts? No problem, our translation agency has been offering the transcription service for old handwritten texts & old German handwritings for many years. Put your trust in our experience when it comes to the transcription of old German manuscript documents. Our transcription service is at your disposal at any time!

Which handwritten texts can be edited in the course of the transcription service for old manuscripts?

It goes without saying that our service for transcription of handwritten texts & old manuscripts covers all sorts of documents from every century. Of course, we can also certify these transcriptions at any time. Only in this way do these documents obtain official validity and can be submitted to an authority. For example, we offer:

  • Transcription service for cadastral plans in old manuscripts
  • Transcription service for contracts in Old German scripts
  • Service of transcription of old German baptismal register extracts and parish register entries
  • Service for transcription of old notarial acts

Transcription and palaeography of old French manuscripts

Of course, we also offer transcription and paleography of old French manuscripts. As the old French scripts are fundamentally different from the German ones, specialised French palaeographers work in this field in order to enable professional transcription of the old French scripts. We then translate the French transcript into any desired language. In most cases, our clients want old French scripts to be translated into German, English or Italian. We have also been able to carry out a number of projects in this area in recent years, mostly involving French scripts from the 15th-19th centuries, such as:

  • Transcription & translation old French manuscript of letters
  • Transcription & translation old French manuscript of patents of nobility
  • Transcription & translation old French manuscript of coat of arms descriptions
  • Transcription & translation old French manuscript of blazons / heraldry
  • Transcription & translation old French manuscript for genealogy

Trust our scientific expertise when it comes to old manuscripts that are to be translated! As experts for old manuscripts, we are happy to take on the translation and transcription of old French manuscripts, but also of German, Latin, Italian, Czech and English manuscripts at any time and thus support your research projects! We love languages and scripts, it is our pleasure to assist you!

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