Technical translations

Technical translations: Experience in every field since 2007


Technical translations have been the focus of our work since our founding in 2007. We translate manuals and other technical documents, medical reports, contracts, company excerpts and much more in over 100 languages.

Technical translators in a wide range of specialized fields for technical translations

All technical translations into all languages ​​are made by academically trained technical translators who translate exclusively into their native language, have excellent knowledge of the source and target languages, and are well-versed in the terminology and linguistic practices of the subject area. Each technical translation made by our technical translators is checked for completeness, grammatical correctness, stylistic appropriateness and terminological consistency.

Technical translations & technical translators in all Languages ​​and subject areas!

Technical translators work in different language combinations in our team:

  • Technical translator for English  German technical translations
  • Technical translator for French  German | English technical translations
  • Technical translator for Czech  German | English technical translations
  • Technical translator for Slovak  German | English technical translations
  • Technical translator for Italian  German technical translations
  • Technical translator for Arabic  German technical translations
  • Technical translator for Spanish  German technical translations
  • Technical translator for Russian ↔ German technical translations

Professional technical translations from OnlineLingua technical translation service

Our translation agency OnlineLingua technical translation service specializes in:

  • Technical translations (instruction manuals, technical documentation, datasheets)
  • Legal translations (purchase contracts, employment contracts, general terms and conditions)
  • Technical translation of business texts / financial translations (trade accounts, balance sheets)
  • Technical translation of home pages (we offer the technical translation and localization of websites)

Prices for your technical translation by our technical translators

Several factors are taken into account in the pricing of your technical translation. These include, in addition to the source and target language, the scope and the specific file format. We will gladly provide you with a free and non-binding offer for your technical translations. If you would like a quotation for technical translations, you can always contact us by phone, e-mail or via our inquiry form. Our technical translation service works with fair and reasonable prices.

OnlineLingua offers a genuine 24-hour service for technical translations!

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