Scientific editing

Scientific editing for your academic work

A scientific editing is extremely important for every thesis. It helps to make a work better and helps you receive a good grade. As a writer, you are a subject matter expert you research and write about. This is where the professional language service provider with scientific editing comes into play. They focus on the scientific details and the soundness of your study. The purpose of the scientific editing is to focus on linguistically relevant aspects and style improvement. The scientific editing of your work is carried out by native-speaker editors. We have completed around 400 scientific editing of works over the past 15 years, including:

  • Scientific editing of dissertations
  • Scientific editing of degree theses
  • Scientific editing of master theses
  • Scientific editing of bachelor theses
  • Scientific editing of scientific publications

Scientific editing: What does it mean?

Scientific editing - more than error correction

Scientific editing is more than a mere editing, because it mainly aims to promote the scientific claim of the academic work.

As with any other editing, the first part of the scientific editing is the proofreading. This includes proofreading of the scientific work by an academically experienced editor and the correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. The second component of the scientific editing is stylistic improvement. In the course of a scientific editing, in addition to the optimal expression, particular care is taken to ensure that the academic work is written in a scientific writing style.

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