German and English proofreading


It is a matter of course for our translation agency, which has been specialized in the proofreading of scientific works for over 15 years, to proofread texts in all languages. Thus, in addition to German we can also proofread works in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic and Czech. Proofreading of English language works has become increasingly important in recent years.

Proofreading, a necessary service?

The author of a work is not a language service provider but a subject matter expert on which he writes. Average, good language and grammar skills are often not sufficient for writing a professional work without proofreading.

For example, do you know exactly what an indefinite pronoun or a prior knowledge deixis are? Do not worry, there is no need for you to know all this, because there are linguists who specialize in proofreading all kinds of texts. Proofreading by linguists helps to make the already good work perfect. 

Proofreading of various text types

Competent proofreading

We can offer you ,for example, the corrections and proofreading of the following university degree theses:

  • Proofreading of dissertations
  • Proofreading of degree theses
  • Proofreading of master theses
  • Proofreading of bachelor theses
  • Proofreading of scientific publications

What aspects are considered during proofreading?

Basically, there are some things that need to be considered in every proofreading. Thus, of course, all spelling and typing errors are corrected, the punctuation is made accurate and grammatical errors corrected. In addition, proofreading always includes the editing of the expression and style and the improvement of the textual cohesion, since texts should sound fluid, sentence beginnings well-formulated and transitions should be skillfully constructed. Send us your work, you will immediately receive an estimate for the proofreading.

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