Certified translation Portuguese

Certified & sworn translation Portuguese - German – rapidly and conveniently


An officially certified & sworn Portuguese translation is always required when it comes to official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates or company register excerpts. As soon as a document is designated to be submitted to a public authority, it falls into the category of certified Portuguese translations. Courts or even universities require legally certified & sworn translations. 

How can you tell if a document is an officially certified & sworn translation Portuguese?

All legally certified & sworn Portuguese translations must contain the following three items:

  • the original or a copy of the original text,
  • the fully translated text,
  • the note of authenticity of the court interpreter & sworn translator for Portuguese.

Official documents can be quickly from Portuguese - German & English translated and certified 

Would you like to have your diplomas and certificates from German & English - Portuguese or Portuguese - German & English translated and certified? For example, we can provide you with the certified Portuguese translation of the following documents: 

  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of certificates
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of documents and diplomas
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of high school diplomas
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of driving licences
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of registration forms
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of confirmations of marriage capabilities
  • Certified Portuguese - German & English translations of proofs of citizenships

Which language combination for a certified & sworn translation of Portuguese do we offer?

We offer, for example, officially certified translations for Italian in the following language combinations:

  • certified & sworn Portuguese - German translation
  • certified & sworn Portuguese - English translation
  • certified & sworn Portuguese - Italian translation
  • certified & sworn Portuguese - Spanish translation
  • certified & sworn Portuguese - Czech | Slowak translation
  • certified & sworn Portuguese-Russian translation

We offer all language combinations for certified Portuguese translations! 

Translation certified by our court-certified & authorized court interpreters for Portuguese

Only an accredited & sworn translator & court interpreter authorized by a court can certify a translation. The latter confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation with an attestation of authenticity, his / her stamp and his / her signature.

We conduct certified Portuguese-translations for all languages of the world, which are valid in all states.

We need following information from you:

  • source language and target language for the certified Portuguese-translation
  • for which state this certified Portuguese-translation is to be valid
  • the timeframe in which you need the certified Portuguese-translation

Please send us the document, for which we shall conduct the certified Portuguese-translation. You will immediately receive a cost estimate from us.

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