Certified translation Latin

For what purpose do I need certified Latin-English translations?

Certified translations Latin are needed for university certificates!

Examples of when a certified translation is required for the Latin language:

A certified Latin translation is requested from us for university certificates that need to be validly translated into English. These are, for example, American Bachelor's or Master's certificates as well as diplomas. If these documents have to be officially presented for the registration of the academic title, they have to be translated with certification.

We are at your disposal for officially certified Latin translations at any time!

Translate and certify university certificates and doctoral dissertations from Latin to English

Do you need a certified translation of a Latin document into English? We can provide you with certified translations of the following types of documents:

  • Certified translation Latin - English of doctoral certificates
  • Certified translation Latin - English of magister degree certificates
  • Certified translation Latin - English of Master's certificates
  • Certified translation Latin - English of American certificates
  • Certified translation Latin - English of patents of nobility

Certified translation by a sworn and court-certified interpreter / translator

Due to the fact that Latin is an official language of the European Union, as it is the official language in the Vatican City State, there are also some Latin court interpreters for this purpose. Furthermore, Latin was the official language and lingua franca in large parts of Europe, therefore many old contracts - e.g. from modern times - are written in Latin, have perpetual validity and their translation is required in court proceedings. In our company we do not only translate into and from the Latin language - we speak Latin - latine loquamur! Latin is not a "dead language", Latin is alive and actively practiced in many areas! We are experts when it comes to modern Latin and our sworn and court-certified interpreter produces high-quality certified translations of all subject areas.

Competence of a sworn and court-certified translator for Latin-English

As with all languages, certified Latin-English translations may only be produced by a sworn translator. The sworn translator confirms with his or her round seal, signature and attestation clause that the translation from Latin into English has been carried out correctly, completely and in accordance with the document in question.

How is an order for a certified translation from Latin to English processed?

Generally speaking, a simple Latin document can be translated from Latin to English and then delivered within a few days. Please send us the scan or a photo of your Latin document by e-mail, you will then receive a non-binding quote for the certified translation from Latin to English. Once the order has been placed, the certified translation Latin - English will be delivered by post. This certified English translation is inseparably bound to the Latin document and provided with the round seal of the court interpreter as well as his / her attestation clause. Only in this way is the translation officially valid and recognized everywhere.

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