Certified translation English

Officially certified English - German translations

Sworn English translation

Do you have texts that you would like to have translated from English - German or German - English as authentically, precisely and quickly as possible?

Do you need a certified translation of English - German of your writings and documents for submission to an authority, for registration at a foreign university or for business-relevant purposes?

A legally-certified English translation is required whenever an official document is to be presented in a country in whose language it is not written.

We are your contact for all sworn & certified translations of the language combination English - German!

Diplomas and certificates can be professionally from English - German translated and certified 

Would you like to have your diplomas and certificates from English - German or German - English translated and certified? For example, we can provide you with the certified & sworn  English translation of the following documents: 

  • certified & sworn English translation of documents (birth and marriage certificate)
  • certified English translations of diplomas and certificates (university or school leaving certificate, official certificate)
  • English translation with certification of court rulings
  • certified & sworn English translation of driver's licenses and identity documents
  • certified & sworn English translation of company register excerpts and contracts and much more ....

Which language combination for a certified & sworn translation of English do we offer?

We offer, for example, officially certified translations for English in the following language combinations:

  • sworn & certified English - French translation
  • sworn & certified English - Italian translation
  • sworn & certified English - Spanish translation
  • sworn & certified English - Czech | Slowak translation
  • sworn & certified English - Russian translation
  • sworn & certified English - Portuguese translation 

We offer all language combinations for certified & sworn English translations!

What is the estimated cost of a certified & sworn English translation?

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to answer this question, as the documents are different in text density and in their readability. A divorce decree can be much more extensive than, for example, a certified translation of English - German birth certificates.

To obtain an estimate for the officially certified English - German  translation, please send us your document by e-mail and we will send you an individual and free quote for the certified English  translation. Alternatively, feel free to use the offer form provided on our website to send a request for the certified & sworn English - German translation and to submit the relevant documents electronically.

Our aim is to offer you the certified & sworn English translation at a fair price. Request a non-binding offer today for your certified English translation.

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